Thursday, September 3, 2009

Summer Scooter Adventures

It's been awhile since I've blogged since I've been so busy with all sorts of scooter adventures! It's been a fun summer and now it's winding down with the rains of September setting in.

Last weekend, my family and I camped up in Lynden, WA at the KOA. My parents love this place because there is so much to do for the kids, so they booked us 5 spots along the pond. I decided it would be fun to scoot up the backroads and meet them.

The ride up was pretty good, despite tons of road construction. I was scouting back roads for our ride to BC on Labor Day weekend, so it was good for me to see where it got sticky so I can plan a re-route for Friday with the group. My favorite parts of the trip were when I rode along the water, up Pioneer Hwy north of Stanwood...and also the ever infamous Chuckanut Drive offered spectacular views. I stopped over in Conway to see my Aunt and Uncle for a break, and she and I gathered a shopping bag full of plums from the tree in her yard for me to take to my family. They were delicious!!

The weekend was full of swimming, putt putt golf, s'mores, and there was a bicycle poker run on Saturday. We all biked/walked around the campground to 5 different locations, drawing a card at each stop and collecting the best poker hand. Prizes were awarded at the end by the family that runs the campground, and my nephew Brandon collected a 3 of a kind and won the top prize, a $40 pass where he treated us all to a round of putt putt golf. He even got to go out on a paddleboat, what a blast!

We also had a round of Chubby Bunny around the campfire, where we all see who can stuff the most marshmallows in our mouths while saying "I am a chubby bunny!". We get to laughing so hard, it's really hard not to. My nephew Michael on the other hand, broke the record at 14!! This makes for some fun, and very GROSS pictures too! haha!

I wish the family could have camped longer than the weekend, we all agreed that we need to do this again! We used to camp together each year in Leavenworth and at Flowing Lake in Snohomish, but we were amazed that it had already been since 2005 since the last camp trip together. We will not let another 4 years go by before doing this again!

The ride home on Sunday was gorgeous! I was enjoying the ride so much, I forgot to turn off Chuckanut Drive at Bow Hill Rd and ended up in Burlington. I plugged in the GPS and went on an adventure and stumbled upon Big Lake on my way out to Hwy 9. If you have not done this ride, you should check it out when you are up in the neighborhood. After I rounded Lake McMurray, I decided I really wanted to cut back over and stop in Conway for lunch at the pub there. My aunt's family owns it, so it's great to go there after a long ride and get treated like royalty! It's always fun pulling in with my scoot and finding a parking spot amongst the rows of harleys! My cousin Brady was working, so I made sure that we got a picture together! I had the pan fried oysters and enjoyed a pint o brew while sitting in the sun. At that point, I wish I could lay down for nap, but I had to ride on.

I stopped at my sister's in Marysville and snapped this pic of the dogs. This is how *I* felt after the long weekend of playing! More pix can be found on my Facebook page. I didn't take as many as I normally would because my sister was doing an amazing job of taking pix with her super nice camera. Can't wait to see the pix!

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