Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Day Three - Coos Bay to Eureka

Guess what? I found out today that you can now go to www.scooterinsanity.org to track our journey down Hwy 101 toward San Jose. There, you just click on “Track The Ride” and it is updated hourly when we're on the road.

So today we woke up in Coos Bay and grabbed a quick breakfast and hit the road. The coast was MAGNIFICENT. The wind was RELENTLESS! We drove into Gold Beach for a fuel up and for an awesome lunch at the Double D diner. By far, the best service we've had for lunch! Then we drove into Brookings and the temp climbed to a sweltering heat that was almost unbearable in all our gear, but then, just past town as we drove on and the temp dropped back down and I temporarily had to wear my thermal gloves.

Driving into the Redwoods really took my breath away and was so picturesque. I took many photographs using my onboard camera and even managed to shoot some video of us rolling out onto the coastline. We even got to see Paul Bunyon and Babe the Blue Ox, and even rolled up onto a herd of Elk in a yard and took tons of pics.

Once we got into Eureka we fueled up again and checked into the hotel. The Scotts had left earlier in the day and had hit the liquor store and had drink mixin's waiting for us. We then walked down to the Lost Coast Brewery and met up with some local scooterists who plan on being at Amerivespa also. Also, a fellow named Rich, from BC, who is also on his way to Amerivespa, drove by and saw the scoots and stopped in to eat with us.

We then got back to the hotel and then had a nice soak in the hot tub and took a swim in the pool. Total mileage today was approx. 241. Tomorrow will be a longer day as we journey toward Santa Rosa. Gorgeous!!


  1. Great photos. curious about your "onboard" camera setup. Talk when you get back.

    Rubber side DOWN!!

  2. Can't wait to cathc up with ya Chuck! I loved the camera mount. Uploading video of Golden Gate Bridge to my computer as I type this. The mount went 1053 miles without needing tightening or adjustment. Saweet!